Our meetings are held on a Monday evening, usually the first Monday of the month, at The Kingsley School Hall (see How To Find Us page for a map).
Our talks start at 7.30pm.  Guests are welcome; the admission price for non-members of the Association is £3.

Upcoming Meetings – 2018/2019

3rd December 2018
Dr Sarah Richardson
100 years: Suffragettes in Warwickshire
What role did Warwickshire women play in the fight to gain the vote at the beginning of the twentieth century? Dr Sarah Richardson of Warwick University will uncover some of the fascinating characters and their stories as women struggled against the political establishment to win the argument for female enfranchisement.

7th January 2019
Paul Davison
The ‘Great Stink’
Joseph Bazalgette and ‘London’s great wonder of the world.’  The construction of London’s sewers.

4th February 2019
Stafford Holmes
Long Lost Building Techniques
Stafford is a world authority on lime mortar technology. He will describe the building renovation techniques used in disaster relief as much as in the repair of ancient monuments.

4th March 2019
Keith Cattell
Cathedral and Castle Builders
Keith examines the techniques and skills used by cathedral builders from the 4th to the 20th Century and looks at some of their successes and failures.

1st April 2019
Warwick Castle  History Team
Warwick Castle
The history of Warwick Castle spans over 1,100 years and features heavily in both local and national history. The Warwick Castle History Team share some of their key stories.

13th May 2019
Megan Roberts
You sometimes find more than you expect
The author of ‘Transported’ tells the story of 236 men and boys outward bound to Australia.

7th October 2019
Heidi Meyer
Working with the front line.

Upcoming Excursions – 2018/2019

Thursday 3rd January 2019
Visit to see A Christmas Carol at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre

See the latest edition of Oak Leaves for further details of these outings